Living Well Takes Training

We are dedicated to helping you be fit in mind and body to

let your soul soar.

Life Fitness


It takes a good amount of physical fitness be able to lift your groceries, or kids, to garden, or even to sit for extended periods of time.

It also takes a certain amount of mental training to have good relationships with others and ourselves.

We believe in empowering you to help you achieve your goals, by creating practices and experiences that are:

a) Evidence based

b) Holistic (considers the whole person)

c) Conscious

Keeping the intention to capture the purest essence of what Yoga has to offer, we want you to experience it in a way that is more universal and accesible.

¿What do our sessions look like?


We usually start by talking about something that enriches life somehow. 

Then we move the body using whatever tools we have available, in order to achieve different objectives, which vary according to the group or the individual. Usually, there is a good amount of strength and flexibility, stability, balance, and cardiac fitness involved.

Then we move towards taking care of the mind, using meditations that cultivate attention, compassion, gratitude, or some other important aspect of living.


Akila means Integral, or Universal.


We are heavily influenced by Yoga, Qi-Gong (the basis of Tai chi), and modern sports medicine approaches to conscious movement.

We do not shy away from being spiritual, and when we say «Integral» we mean the whole individual, and a plethora of practices that support that, be it dance, singing, etc.

And when we say Universal, we mean that we do not profess nor teach any particular religion. Our understanding of Spiritual includes the capacity to be skeptical, curious, open, and looking for the truth.

So what now?

If you live or visit Panama, then you can visit our studio. There we offer classes, workshops and a teacher training, all of it in Spanish (we do offer Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy in English as well).

If you are interested in learning more from our methodology, we invite you to check our online courses, or our blog, where we share many of our articles on philosophy, postures, breathing, meditation and anything yoga related.

Online Courses

Yoga for Back Pain

This course offers you 3 sequences (20 minutes each), plus a great amount of information on how to practice and modify the postures so that they can serve your specific needs.

If you have back pain, don’t wait, this program is guaranteed.

Learn Postures

There are so many postures in Yoga, that trying to learn them could take forever!

Instead, you can learn the Principles that govern most postures, and how to apply them to make Yoga work for YOU.

If you want to step into a yoga class with confidence… take this course!

Learn to Meditate

With so many types of meditation, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

How do you build a sustainable practice?

This course (in production) answers all those questions and gives you several different practices that will help you finally become a meditator.