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The Akila Yoga Institute (from now on Akila) collects and uses certain basic information through this site, which is indicated in a simple way in the privacy policy.

Some of the information collected is based on web technologies called cookies. The Akila Yoga Institute uses cookies for various operations, some that have to do with the basic operation of the site, others with marketing of our products and services.


What is a cookie?

The favorite food of the Cookie Monster. Naaah…

A «cookie» is a small amount of text that is stored in browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox) when browsing a website.

What is NOT a cookie?
It is not a virus, or a Trojan, or a worm, or spam, or spyware, or open windows pop-up. Practically ALL sites on the internet use them for normal operation.

What information does a cookie store?
A cookie stores data of a technical nature and / or statistics, such as personal preferences, personalization of contents, user session, etc.

A cookie does NOT usually store sensitive information such as credit cards or bank details, photographs or personal information. In our case, unless you have logged in as a registered user, we have no way of personally identifying you.


What kind of cookies are there?

Pecan, double chocolate chip, macadamia nut… (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Essentially there are three main classes of cookies, there may be others that are a mixture between these three groups.

Technical cookies: The most basic and allow, among other things, to know when a human is browsing or an automated program, differentiate between anonymous and registered users, basic tasks for the operation of any modern site.

Analysis cookies: They collect information about the type of navigation in progress, the most used sections, articles and / or promotions consulted, time zone, language, among other functions.

Advertising cookies: They show advertising based on the user’s browsing, their country of origin, language, among others.


What are third party cookies?

Our own cookies are those generated by our own site, in each visited page. Those of third parties are generated by external services or providers, in our case, for example, we use cookies from Facebook, Google, and Lucky Orange.

Essentially, if you share articles on social networks, you are using third-party cookies.


Cookies from our site:

Session Cookies: These cookies are created if you register an account on the site, to remember your session. Something similar to what happens on sites like Twitter or Facebook, which remember your session when you re-enter.

Personalization Cookies: These cookies are for you to define and save data related to the site, such as comments you have made, articles that have interested you, among others.

Security Cookies: The site uses cookies to mitigate security risks, both the site and users. Mainly when someone is trying to access an account that does not belong to them.

Third Party Cookies
Akila uses Google Analytics services to help the site better recognize the interests of users and offer them optimal and relevant content.

We sometimes use another service called Lucky Orange, which helps us determine how people browse our site, and helps us offer you a better browsing experience.

We also use Facebook and Google cookies to determine marketing strategies.

Certain social media cookies can be stored in your browser while you browse the site of the Akila Yoga Institute for example, when you share an article on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.