surgery-214x200They say that the carpenters often see nails everywhere…

And when it comes to your back pain, if you go to a surgeon you are about 28 times more likely to get a surgery than if you had gone to a chiropractor (or perhaps an acupuncturist or a Yoga therapist).

That was the result on the new research of the renowned medical journal Spine *, where only 1.5% of those who went to a chiropractor ended in surgery, while 43% of patients who visited a surgeon went under the knife.

You may not be surprised, right? The surgeons learn to relieve pain with surgery, and unfortunately have so subconsciously, interest performs surgeries because they pay their bills.

That doesn’t mean that no cases requiring operations … but are 1.5%, and that’s a tiny fraction of the people who ultimately end up being operated.


Before you even ask a doctor doing surgery whether it should operate on you, maybe you should ask professionals to help you without offering invasive and dangerous treatments first choice…

photo credit: salimfadhley via PhotoPin cc * Spine Magazine: 01 June 2013 – Volume 38 – Issue 13 – p 1154-1159