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Hot or Cold: Which is better?

(Updated 2017) This is a fairly complete guide, for anissue that "should be simple".It is not, and it is worth to understand this subject, for the rest of your life.You will benefit from reading, because you will be able to find relief without the risks and side...

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Hernia, protrusion, bulging: everything you need to know.

If you went to the doctor with back pain, there is a high probability that the diagnosis ended up being some version of a hearniated disc. ¿How did I know? Because it is perhaps the most common diagnosis given for back pain, or sciatica. Most people with this kind of...

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How to Re-Wire Ourselves for Happiness

Your boss tells you 19 things that you are doing well, but tosses in one that you could improve upon, of all 20 which one stays on your mind? The negative, of course! We would consider a person who never lies a liar if we catch them in one lie. But, we wouldn’t...

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How Much Should I be Stretching?

This is a question that not all do, but should know if you are going to stretch to help your body.   No need extreme flexibility: that's an exaggeration! I recommend you read this article before you read the headline: "Are you sure you need to stretch?"  ...

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