Measure the length of the legs is not easy!

una-pierna-mas-largaWe all have asymmetric bodies

In fact, after more than 10 years of teaching thousands of people, I have NEVER found a person who is completely symmetrical.


If that’s true, then…

How can your back hurts if we have only one millimeter difference in our legs?

Before answering this good question, the first thing you should know is that it is very difficult to measure correctly the length of your bones when the difference is very small.

The differences may be in the top of the hips. In the space in the cartilage in the joints. On the way you you wake up or go to bed. Even the soft tissue (muscles) in feet, could make a difference when it comes to millimeters.


As happens with the asymmetry in the case of lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis many mistaken), the body has a remarkable ability to adapt to the differences between each side.

This is especially true when those differences have been there since birth, or when we have slowly developed over time.

By this I do not mean a big difference (in inches) is not reason to go to an orthopedist. Sometimes it is necessary to use special shoes (with a platform on the short side) to help the body to stabilize. But this is the kind of thing that usually become apparent when we are children.

The percentage of cases in which there is a difference in inches between both sides is very low. What usually happens is all over with small differences, especially in the hips and back.


Differences in how they work, and not in our structure. So: we can change, learning to feel the body, and stretching what feels short, and strengthening what feels weak.

Therefore, if someone told you, had one leg longer than the other, it is possible that instead of platforms or surgeries need STRETCHING regularly.


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For a more balanced (not necessarily symmetric) body.