zapatos-pueden-producir-dolor-de-espalda-193x200Do you wear high heels? They could they be the reason for your back pain!
The following could be one of the greatest mysteries I have ever encountered in my life: that so many women are willing to hobble in agony before they will stop wearing high heels.

Why are high heels are a bad idea if you have back pain?


Let’s do a little test

Stand up for a moment, put one hand on the wall or desk. Raise heels for ten seconds, and notice the sensation you feel in your back.

Do you feel how the muscles contract in your lower back? Is there a sensation of contraction in that area?

Imagine constant hours of your muscles shortened in that manner … this produces a terrible imbalance in the muscles throughout your body, keeping them “stuck” in that very unhealthy posture for prolonged periods of time.

I get it, I can understand the reasons for wanting to wear high heels … but consider at least limiting their use as much as you can in order to allow your body a chance to recover.

Wishing you the best,