Get their Country: ManyChat Extension

Find your user’s Country.

Get it on a custom field for later use. 

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If you ever wanted to find the Country of your user, but found that getting the coordinates wasn’t really working for you… you were missing this piece!

Before you continue, you will need:


  • Manychat Pro (paid version of ManyChat).
  • A server with https: in order to host the 2 scripts provided.

2 scripts for upload

Already coded, with 3 lines where you need to add your own information.


Instructions, videos included

Step by step instructions with video.


Fast implementation

It will take 15 minutes to get it going.


You are purchasing the scripts and the complete instructions to install them in Manychat, including how to use the Google Maps API.

It is given as is, without further support.

If you need support, it can be provided for $50 per hour, with 30 minute increments.

Unless you have ManyChat Pro and access to a server with SSL (https://) please do NOT purchase this, as you will not be able to implement it.