As yoga helps you in your relationships

Today it is normal that if we do not like or something entertaining from the start, we can change it for something else instantly and without remorse. This seems to be something good in any situation … But what happens when we are ready to quickly change our partner or our work when we find something we do not like? Watch this video on my personal experience:

As I said at the end of the video, find harmony and unconditional love in our relationships is perhaps the greatest spiritual wealth we can achieve in this life. But then…

How can yoga help me in my relationships?

There are many ways that yoga helps our relationships. If your practice of yoga is well directed, then the next is one of the most powerful:

Accept what is + separate fact from our interpretation.

You’ve probably heard this: If there is no self, it will be difficult to love others in a genuine way. To love and accept, we must first see us «as is and as we are.» Meditation puts you symbolically facing an increasingly clear mirror. This means that we begin to observe more objectively. We learn to see the feelings and thoughts that we have about who we are, separated from the reality of who we are. Example # 1: Fact: You are easy math. Interpretation: You’re a nerd … or a very intelligent person. Conclusion: How do you feel about it is very different, but the reality is the same! Example # 2: Fact: math is tough you. Interpretation: You’re a poor person … or a person with skills in other fields. Conclusion: Where you focus your attention can give you peace, or make you miserable. The reality is the same! How we interpret our reality, and where to focus our attention, we determine how we feel about ourselves. This also applies to our relations. Where we focus our attention, and we interpret the reality of the people we love determines how we feel toward them. It’s normal to want to improve certain aspects of our life. But we can not always change the things we do not like us, and we can not always change as soon as we want. Self love

Self-love, to love others

So if we can not from the acceptance, even self-love, then we will be enough neck. Again, this applies to our relationships. We start from the acceptance and unconditional love, because otherwise, our partner / friend / relative will never be enough. We can help others become better versions of themselves. But if we learn to highlight the good things we see in every person, we will have better results, even if they never change. Also, if we learn to separate fact from «how» the person we want (eg makes you very difficult mathematics), our interpretation (you’re poor), then we can also allow them to be who they are, but our opinions or expectations get in the way of our love. Finally, a bonus: Scientific studies have shown that meditation has a direct impact on our ability to feel compassion for others and for ourselves. To read more about this, do not miss this article. Wishing relationships full of unconditional love, Mijael photo credit: <a href=»»> </a> Loving Earth via <a href = «http: // «> <a PhotoPin </a> href=»»> cc </a>