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You will learn how to avoid injuries, and will be surprised by how much you can learn with an online course

Do you want to look and feel better in your body?

Do you want to reduce stress, anxiety or depression?

Do you want to wake up rested and live with more energy?

Looking for more harmony in your relationships?

Have you ever thought “Yoga is just not for me”?

If that is the case…

Keep reading…

Hernan never thought that Yoga would be for him…

He tried it once with a friend who wanted to learn and teach, and the class made him feel like an alien.

First, because he was not flexible.

Second, because there were a lot of names and weird postures, and he didn’t understand anything.

Third, because he didn’t have patience. Although the class relaxed him, he didn’t feel that Yoga was for him.

But one day his girlfriend convinced him to try it again, in my class.

And since that day, his life changed completely. Because…

Not all Yoga is the same.

I have been working for years to create a simple method, powerful and very safe to practice Yoga.

My method makes it friendly, and when you understand what you’re doing and how to modify it, you’ll see that you can also practice it.

And I am excited to share it with you, but first, I want to share to you why this millennial practice inspires me so much.

Marcelo Quiroga

For a long time I thought Yoga was only for people who can put their legs behind their head, something that was far from my possibilities since my flexibility was inexistent.

With his approach, I learned that with very little flexibility I could practice Yoga, and in a few sessions I was able to increment it to unimaginable levels




Is stress from work, family or friends is taking away your sleep?


Every year more studies demonstrate the power of Yoga to reduce stress. The best part: your immunity against stress will be strengthened by practice, and that way it will be easier for you to stay calm, instead of accumulating all that tension.

Look Better

For some people, yoga is just stretching. But there are many exercises that will strengthen and tone you, and get your heart pumping.

icon-lookIn addition, something perhaps even more powerful: as you change your relationship with your body, your mind will help you make better decisions that will change the shape of your body.

Feel fabulous

Exercise feels good in general, but Yoga is much more than exercise.

Many of the movements of Yoga are used therapeutically, and along with its relaxing effects, it will leave you feeling like a million dollars. As if that were not enough, Yoga helps you control high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol.


Por si eso fuera poco,el Yoga te ayuda a controlar la presión, el azúcar y el

Sex like in the movies

No joke… A scientific study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that after only 12 weeks of one hour of postures and daily meditation, participants found more libido, confidence, better intercourse, greater satisfaction…

There are more studies that show the Power of Yoga in bed.

It’s worth practicing, Right?


Focus and clarity

Most of us waste time when we are not paying attention. We also need to be present for conversations with our loved ones. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of effor to focus on our duties…


Think of all you could achieve with more concentration!

Better relationships

It’s not just about being more relaxed. Many studies have suggested that meditation promotes empathy, connection and closeness in relationships, as well as helping you to think before you react.

icon-relationshipsSome of my students confess that they returned to yoga because they realized that they treated their relatives better when practicing, and all their relationships improved… this is golden!

More Creativity

Some scientists explain this increase in creativity because Yoga helps to neutralize mental “noise». icon-creativity

As the noise lessens, the mind creates more space for ideas to flow and connect.

You might be wondering…

“Could it be possible to learn from home, safely?”

¿How can you be sure you are doing it well?

¿How could I possibly guide you from the screen?

The Complete Yoga Program for Beginners

Designed specifically to be safe and effective

I don’t pretend to tell you that online instruction is the same to doing it in person. That would be ridiculous.

But think of the following: most people enter a group class for the first time, without knowing anything at all.

The teacher can’t see you half the time. Nevermind give you personal assistance.

Besisdes, most classes are simply «guided experiences», like an aerobics class.  If you feel lost… good luck finding someone to teach you how to actually do it!

Don’t blame the teachers. They want people to get an experience of Yoga that is not only «educational». The expectation is that you will learn slowly, with practice.

But that can take months!

But this is what you can achieve with this online course:

Yissel Quezada

As a beginner, now I know more about what Yoga is, I know more about how to practice and choose postures. I was surprised to see that this practice helped me relieve pain, and I have a much better understanding of what “the perfect posture” really is (it had nothing to do with what I thought).
I fully recommend this course!

Key #1: Safety first.

This course has been designed to give you the tools for a safe practice. Some examples:

  • You will learn how to stabilize the spine to avoid back pain (curious tip: it is not pulling your belly in, but rather something much more effective!).
  • You will learn how to recognize the 3 signals that tell you when you are going too far.
  • You will learn how to use towels and blocks (or books) to reduce risk for your knees and wrists.

These important tools aren’t always taught in a Yoga class.

Best of all: once you learn, you will be able to take classes anywhere, feeling much safer!

Key #2: Learn the Principles.

First of all, forget about learning each posture by name.

They are hundreds of postures, and it would take a lifetime!

When you learn the «why» you practice each posture, you will have a much better idea as to how to modify them so they can serve your body.

Learn the principles, and Yoga will cease to be a mystery!

Key #3: Put it in practice.

The theory is important because it shows you the «why». But your body has to learn the «how», and it is paramount that you practice.

This is why this program has at least one short guided practice with plenty of detail, for each concept that you have learned.

You learn with your mind, then you give your body a chance to integrate it.

But we all learn at a different rhythm. So you can review as much as you want.

You can watch a couple of videos a day. Or you can do the whole course in a day. You choose!

Natalie Morales

In an atmosphere in which Yoga is taught rigidly, without taking into account the personal differences, his classes offer an opportunity to his students of learning in a non-dogmatic environment, and work at its best potential. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his courses are recommended for everyone.

Yoga teacher with 30+ years of experience

I have taught more than

10,000 hours

to all types of students

Although I have 15 years of experince, and enough hours of training to have a Masters degree on what I do, what separates me from most of the teachers is that…

I have huge a thirst for knowledge and a true gift to teach it.

That is why, throughout the years I have invested almost all of my money and time on training.

Thousands of dollars and hours.

Also, my career has included teaching to inmates, children and the elderly, athletes and people in wheelchairs.

Today, I dedicate myself primarily to training other teachers (I have trained more than 100 of them), and to private Yoga Therapy sessions.

Because my passion is teaching, my courses have an emphasis on pedagogy: I want people to really learn.

Imagine what I learned by teaching SO MANY types of people, for thousands of hours … That’s why I can tell you with confidence:


I can surely teach you.

No more about me.

Attention, because you are going to discover the THREE keys to learn postures as fast as possible…


Elvira Aponte

I compare this course to a custom made dress!! They are spectacular: you look and feel wonderful both inside and out. The lessons fit just right for beginners like me, and I think the secret lies in the way it is taught, with simplicity and tons of practice.

Here are some of the things you are going to learn…


Relieve back pain:

Do you have back pain? You will love the enphasis the course has to relieve back pain during postures, and several tips that could relieve you lots.



Improve your relationships:

Your friends won’t believe they’re seeing the same person when you start to practice Yoga. Your relationships will improve as you feel more fullfillment, serenity and peace.



Relieve stress:

You will get to it before it goes out of control. Besides knowing how to come back to a more peaceful space, it will be more difficult to get you out of that place.


Strengthen the abdomen:

Without doing “crunches”. How? This course shows you a better way to activate those muscles, with many Yoga postures!


Improve your posture:

Learn how to elongate your dorsal spine in practically any movement. You will move with much more ease.



It’s an important part of the practice, and of a successful life. The practice of postures is an excellent way to prepare your mind to meditate.


Increase your energy:

Not just because of the exercise, but because as you reduce stress, your body can rest better and doesn’t wear out so much.


Avoid injuries:

Learn how to do the postures in a way that helps prevent injuries, instead of causing them.



More comfort:

In your own skin. Not only because of how your body feels and looks, but because you are cultivating a new relationship with it.


Recognize risk:

You will know when you are doing too much. If you pay attention, you will reduce the risk right away.

As you can see, I have many treasures prepared for you in this course!

And this is just a fraction of what you will learn with this complete postures course.

This course is not wasteful.

Many times, when you open a giftbox, you realize the wrapping was taking up most of the space.

But this course is not like this. It has no waste.

Each video goes straight to the point, and shows you every detail with every concept. There are professional animations that help you to understand everything, and the practices are designed to illustrate each principle quickly.

What good is a course of 1,500 hours if the teacher does not know how to explain clearly and directly?

The videos of this course last an average of 5 minutes, so it is very easy to see them at your own pace.

Each video is designed so you can learn MUCH more than you would learn from random workshops.

This is like taking a Yoga IMMERSION, at your own pace!


this special launch offer:

To celebrate the launch of this course, you can get it completely for $67 $34

$67 $34 couldn’t pay a private session with me, but with this course you can obtain more than what we could do in 5 private sessions (or many group sessions), and you can watch the course as many times as you want!

I don’t mean to say with this that the private sessions aren’t ideal. But they cost a fortune!

I really do think this is the best course to learn yoga that money can buy.

Jorge Sonnenschein

About a year and 3 months ago, and 24lbs more than now, I decided I wanted a change, and Akila Yoga became my most valued asset for that change. Long gone are the pain and physical limitations, now I can do things I never dreamed for my 55 years of age!



As you can see, you will be saving money buying this Program.

With this learning system I will give you all you need to enjoy Yoga classes, without losing more money or time.

So let’s make the decision easier.

Let’s do this…

If for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide that this course does not help you achieve your goals in Yoga, just notify me with an e-mail, and I will refund your money immediately!

No small captions at the end.

You’re protected…


If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your results in 90 days, just write us an email and we will give you your money back. No ifs or buts, no bad vibes. I just want satisfied customers, and wouldn’t want you to invest in a program that is not right for you.

signYour purchase will be done in a secure site, and I deliver in my promise, because I am commited to your well being.

How do I dare give you this guarantee?

I have enough experience doing this.

I have put so much love into this program, and I know you will see its value.

Every theory video is followed by a practice video.

There are places for questions.

There are spectacular animations that help you understand each subject.

Pedagogy goes first, and the course is arranged in such a way that knowledge expands naturally.

There are no circus postures. Practical things, so that you can practice at home, or anywhere, feeling that you know how to adapt Yoga to your body.

This is the process: press the button below and it takes you to the place of purchase. Although you will see the Paypal symbol, you do not need to have an account with them to pay, only a credit card. You put your information, and that’s it.

In a few moments you will have access to the course in your computer …

So don’t delay… Press the button now:

In short: I want to help you by putting into your hands the knowledge that will allow you to access the world of Yoga at a really affordable price. Honestly, I think even if you paid double, it would still be worth it. But it will not cost twice as much, at least not today.

The Yoga Posture Principles Course is an online course. When you are done with the payment, you will have access to the members site, where you can access the course.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to FTC rules, all companies have to disclose what a “typical result” is. But you and I know that most people who buy stuff never do anything with it. Which is why you can imagine that if you want results, you need to do the lectures and practices in the course. The testimonies in this page are real, but not necessarily typical. These were not exceptional cases, just normal people who took it upon themselves to do the work and learn with the practices. So if you want to learn Yoga… you will do the same! Copyright © 2016 Akila Yoga Institute.


Still not convinced?

Maybe you have these questions…


But I’m not flexible at all!

Remember, I wasn’t either. Yoga not only makes you more flexible, it will make you feel better in your body, with your body.

The postures that I teach, and the way that I do it, will allow you to enjoy the practice regardless of your level of flexibility or strength.


And if I have a lot of overweight?

Good Question. Again, I’m not looking for circus postures. There are many ways to adapt postures, many of which are covered specifically within the course.

The rest, you will see that when you understand the principles, it will be easier to modify on your own.


What style of Yoga am I going to learn?

The Yoga style I teach is called Akila Yoga. Akila means “Universal” or “Integral.” Its principles make it possible to practice any other style of Yoga that you want, after learning it.

Their principles of alignment are highly related to the principles of movement preferred by most physiotherapists trained in the most modern techniques of their profession.


My religion allows it?

Don’t worry: I’m not going to teach you anything religious!

In fact, very religious people of any faith and even atheists are comfortable in the way I share Yoga.

My intention is to share in the most universal way possible, because I believe that the language of love, generosity, honesty, is a language that all human beings can consider valuable, regardless of our particular beliefs.

When we are more relaxed and connected with ourselves, it is easier to be better people – this is promoted by all religions 🙂


How long will it take to do the postures well?

This is a misleading question. There is no such thing as doing them “well” -there is such a thing as paying attention to them. There is such a thing as doing them in a way that feels good for our body.

That’s exactly what this course is about. From helping you find how to practice to make you feel good and have good results, not to try to look like someone else. Sometimes the postures look very different from what you see in the magazines and they feel great in your body … but the moment you focus on “looking” in some specific way, you forget how the posture should feel.


And if I have an injury?

Although the course has many modifications that you can do if the postures cause you pain, this is not a Yoga Therapy course, and it is not designed to treat specific conditions or pain.

Many people practice yoga and feel better in their body despite the injuries, but it would be ideal to work with a professional in the world of rehabilitation medicine.

And remember: It is always a good idea to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.