Positive Periods + Moon Cycle Wisdom:

More freedom, comfort
and happiness in your life!

A natural approach based on the positive connection with your body and menstrual cycle.

There is so much confusion over what might define a normal menstrual cycle.


Suffering from debilitating cramps that leave you doubled over in bed…

Nausea, migraines, and painful periods every month…

Living with high anxiety and deep depression for a long period of time…

These would not be considered «normal» symptoms.


Yet, thousands of women go on suffering from painful and irregular periods every month. That could be an estimated 450 period cycles in a lifetime!


Yet there need not be shame nor anguish over this monthly occurrence…



What can be considered «normal»:


  • Moderate fluctuations of mood and energy throughout the month
  • Some sensitivity in the abdomen and lower back during ovulation time
  • Possible tenderness in the breasts and uterus just before your period starts
  • Lower energy and moderate cramps during the first 48 hours of your period

Note: Every woman is unique. These are some of the more common sensations that can occur but not every woman will experience them.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healing system of Ayurveda originating in India, a woman’s menstrual cycle should occur with regularity and without debilitating pain and discomforts.

Symptoms may indicate a possible hormonal or energetic imbalance and can be addressed with a natural and holistic approach of mind, body and spirit.


These ancient eastern traditions and timeless wisdom speak of the body in various forms – the physical body, the energetic body, and the emotional body to start.

Embracing a holistic approach to your well-being seeks to recognize these subtle bodies and the importance of working on all of them for healing and rebalancing.


Each organ and part of your body corresponds with different emotions and possibly blocks that are not allowing your vital lifeforce energy to flow in a healthy manner…

For many women, our zone of feminine power or weakness lives in the reproductive organs of our womb.

Instead of soley focusing on «period problems» imagine evaluating your entire being and life in totality. Not just the seemingly affected part.

Imagine putting an end to a vicious cycle of disconnection from your body and feminin power that often times results in menstrual and reproductive problems…


The good news is it possible to improve your menstrual cycle naturally and empowered from within!


If you suffer from horrible period cramps…

If your menstrual cycle is irregular or you’re dealing with a hormonal imbalance…

If you want to stop taking contraceptives…

If you want to improve your cycle and fertility with the hope to become pregnant…


Join us in a special workshop for women to reclaim our moon cycle wisdom and live a positive period experience!


Finally, learn what you were never taught as a young girl coming of age…

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

The 4 Unique Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

Natural Signs and Sensations of Fertility

Nutrition Tips Aligned with Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle and Body

The Specific Physiological, Emotional, and Energetic Shifts Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle

The Best Activities For Each Phase To Promote A Positive Period Experience

Yoga Poses + Tips for Relief from Period Pain, Inflammation, and Discomfort

“I went off the pill and in just one cycle, my period returned and regulated with no severe cramping applying what I had learned!”

-Monica C.

“It’s incredible! I now understand the importance of honoring our bodies as women and understanding how they really work in depth. I’m caring for myself with more love and awareness than ever before!” 

-Maribel J.

“I loved this workshop! I learned so many things I can’t believe I never knew before, or was never taught from a young age. All women should be aware of this information.»

-Maria C.

About Your Guide + Teacher:

Tisha Lin is a mother, wife, author, speaker, and an international coach who has helped transform lives for nearly a decade.

She is founder and CEO of Empower Every Mom, LLC.

Tisha and her company strive to empower mothers around the globe to speak their truth, honor their wisdom, and feel their absolute best.

She is publisher and coauthor of the book “For Mothers, By Mothers: 54 Empowering and Diverse Stories About Motherhood from Around the World”

This book serves as a platform to raise awareness and funds that contribute to organizations who also support mothers and children.

Learn more and order the book here: www.ForMothersByMothers.com

Tisha is Director of the Akila Institute and Teacher Training Program in Panama.

Tisha is also an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and is certified in Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga by Golden Bridge Yoga NYC. She is also a CAPPA trained birth doula and childbirth educator. Learn more: tishalin.com