Our lawyers asked us to include this precious button in our main page so that you could get here.

At the beginning, we thought that our lawyers were a real headache (well, they still are)- but after reading this page…What cyber illumination (enlightenment)! This is what is important.  We took the legal jargon of lawyers and translated it to “regular” English.

How great of you to behave as an intelligent web surfer and read the content on this page. Thus our lawyers can remain happy doing boring work at the office.

  1. This is the deal:  We keep this site so that people like you can use it for personal entertainment, information, education, communication and personal growth. So, go ahead, browse as much as you want. You can even download things from this site, but only for noncommercial purposes.  If you do it, beware of the copyright notice that applies to all the content. It is there for a very good reason.  So, don’t even think of distributing, modifying, transmitting, reusing, republishing, or any other action, including text, images, audio and video, for public or commercial use, unless you get written permission.  If you visit our website, you are under the legal obligation of complying with the terms and conditions numbered below and with any other law or regulation that applies to this site, to internet, the World Wide Web or the Republic of Panama. If you have any problem with that, you had better not browse the site because once you start, there is no turning back—you are automatically bound by the terms and conditions. So, this is the latest news of our top ten Rules for Cyber surfers who visit our website.For the benefit of everyone, you must assume that the whole site is copyright protected unless otherwise stated.  Thus, you cannot use the material, except in the way that it is described on the page or in any other place without written permission.It is better to ask for permission and behave like a good yogi.
  2. Even though we try to include precise information in the site, we do not promise to be accurate.  Actually, we are not promising anything, except that we hope that the information is useful and entertaining. Consequently, if you use the material from the site, you are doing it at your own risk.  Do not call us if there is a problem because we do not assume any responsibility for mistakes or omissions in the site.  You are responsible for your own body and life.  That is good! It gives you control over your life.
  3. We and any other person who helped us create, produce, and keep this site are not responsible for any harm that you may suffer when you use the site. Our lawyers particularly want you to know that our warning includes “direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive acts that may arise from the access to the site or use of the site. Not limited to the things mentioned before, all the site is offered {“AS IS” WITHOUT guarantee of any kind EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE GUARANTEES OF COMMERCIALIZATION , FIT FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON INFRINGEMENT.  Keep in mind that some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied guarantees, and as a result some of the before mentioned exclusions may not apply.  Review the laws of your county or state concerning restrictions or limitations in regards to the exclusion of implied guarantees. } Ugh!  We write all of this between parentheses because we couldn’t find any other way to make the lawyers accept it.  But here is the final result- we are not responsible if you are browsing and the site harms your computer or gets it infected with a disgusting virus.  Of course that we expect that not to happen, but if it happens…we won’t be able to solve your problem, so please call the technician!
  4. If you don’t want the world to know something, then do not publish it anywhere in the site. That is so because anything you share in the site is taken as ours.  That’s it-ours. So we can do what we consider to be appropriate with what you write.  We can reproduce it, divulge it, transmit it, publish it, spread it and publish it in any other place.  We can even send it to your mother (as soon as we find her address). Not only that, we can also use any idea, concept, knowledge or techniques you share in any way, even the development, factoring and commercialization of products or other things with the information you publish.
  5. The pictures and/or videos of people or places that appear in the site belong to us or to another person who has given their permission. All those things are not yours. This applies to everybody—those photographs can’t be used unless there is the specific permission for that somewhere in the site.  We are sorry to tell you that most probably that won’t be done.  So, be careful because unauthorized use can violate all kinds of laws and have unpleasant consequences.  Be smart!  Keep downloaded material to yourself.
  6. There is also a great amount of trademarks, logos, and service marks in the site that is either ours or we are using it with some kind of permission. I don’t think there is some kind of license or right to use them in the site because we do not do it and we are not about to do it. If you don’t ask for permission and use our registered trademarks, logos and service marks in our site, we will take measures, and those businesses and persons who own the other trademarks, logos and service marks will do the same.  That would mean having the lawyers and district attorneys knocking at your door and asking you aggressively to leave their trademarks alone.  We do not like that option.
  7. You will have probably realized that we have connected our site to other sites. We may appreciate other sites, but that does not mean that we have seen everything those sites have in each of their pages and even less that we have periodically checked to see what is going on there. So, don’t blame us if any site we connect to is bad or has things that may offend you or your pets. Go ahead and browse those sites but always remember that you are doing it at your own risk.
  8. This takes us to what is done in our own website. Even though we once in while check the content of the users of the site, we don’t assume any responsibility for the content in those sites or for any mistake, defamation, libel, omission, slander, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, or blasphemy that can be found when you access those links in our website. Do not make the foolish mistake of posting or transmitting any lawless, threatening, hurtful, shocking, inflammatory, pornographic, offensive, obscene, unpleasant, mean, or profane content or any other material that any government may consider a criminal offense, or that somebody may consider suitable for a civil lawsuit, or that it violates any law in any case, anytime, anyplace. Even though we respect your privacy, we have no choice but fully cooperate with any judicial or police authority that could ask for information about the unpleasant things posted in our website.  It is a yoga site, for the love of the Yogi!
  9. The software used in this site is protected by all kinds of laws in the United States of America. For that reason, you can’t download or send the software to any person in vacation destinations located in Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria, or any other country where the USA has embargoed goods, or get this for any person on the United States Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals, in the U.S. Commerce Department of Denied Orders, or on the list of the FBI most wanted Creeps (this is a joke). And if that weren’t strong enough, if you live or are a national of any of these countries, you are not supposed to read this page, so be careful!  We don’t have anything against those countries or their citizens, but we are just obeying the law.
  10. You also allow us to make changes on this page and to any other content in the site whenever we wish to do so. That is so because the site is ours and we have the programmers who can do it. If the page is changed, you are bound by (read: accepting) those changes every time you access our website.
  11. If any of us wants to start suing (a dirty word), then we have to follow the rules of engagement (a kind of Agreement in accordance with the Geneva Convention). This agreement is ruled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama, without taking into account the principle of conflicting laws. In the event that you have infringed or threatened to violate the rights and/or intellectual property or of any other type of akilainstitute.com (or of Mijael Brandwajn) or its affiliates, akilainstitute.com or its affiliates can ask for precautionary measures or of any other type in any state court in the Republic of Panama and you grant your consent for the exclusive jurisdiction and locations in such courts.

Any other conflict will be solved in the following way:

If there arises any controversy by reason of this agreement, we agree to try to solve it first with the help of a mutual agreement via a mediator at the following location: Panama City, Panama. All lawyer fees and expenses related to the mediation will be equally divided.  If it results impossible to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement through mediation, we agree to submit our controversy to a binding arbitration at the following location: Panama City, Panama, under the rules of American Arbitration Association.  The sentence on the arbitrator’s award maybe subjected to any other court with the legal jurisdiction to do it.


As with any other exercise program, you assume certain risks for your health and your safety through the practice of yoga (including exercises described in akilainstitute.com).  Any form of exercise can cause injuries or harm. Obviously that taking aspirin also has many risks (much more fatal than yoga). (Only do the research and you will be surprised of what you find in the FDA website.  It is possible that you won’t become thinner, smarter, or calmer with this program.  It is even possible that in the future, though practicing yoga, you will gain weight, lose muscle mass, or increase the pain in your body.  It is also possible that in the future the Dalai Lama will lose his temper and kill any monk who crosses his path by beating him.  Not very probable, but possible.

Akilayoga.com offers a 100% reimbursement warranty. It can return any product offered for any reason, if you are not satisfied with the results for 90 days.  However, we cannot guarantee the results of any of our products.  This is especially true if you do not practice regularly (that is, from two to four times a week, for at least 15 minutes).  Your body is a complex machine and Yoga is a complex system.  Understanding the instructions completely, before having your body do yoga is essential to improving the probabilities of achieving positive results.

We would like to take this opportunity to say that even though the poses offered in the website have been chosen based on their low risk factor, the reasons why most people get hurt during the practice come from their ego and the belief that more is always better.

Be smart and take it easy!


Liability Waiver:

Mijael’s stories and the stories from the customers that you see on the page are real.  Nevertheless, it must be understood that these testimonies are not used to represent typical results.  They serve to show what some of the clients can expect if they follow the lessons and recommendations presented.  Results may vary and you may not get the same results following the lessons and recommendations, due to differences in your individual physical training history, genetics, personal motivation or other individual circumstances.


The information presented in the website and in the products is not intended to provide specific health advice to any person or business and shouldn’t be taken in that sense.  Mijael is not a professional health practitioner and nothing on this site must be interpreted contrary to that fact.   Please consult with your doctor and your conscience before starting any exercise or diet program!

If all of this doesn’t sound very tactful…we admit that the spicy food we give our lawyers doesn’t help much.