Learn how to Relieve your Back Pain

No doctors, pills or creams

  • You will discover:
  • Why your back hurts
  • What to avoid when you are in pain
  • Effective exercises to get relief
“Thank you very much my friend, my back is much better thanks to your advise.”
Rubén O. Escudero

“Hi, I have felt much better with your suggestions, especially with the exercises that have strengthened my back. Thank you, I am very pleased.”
Lourdes Delgado

“I gotta thank you so much for all the information I receive, it has been invaluable to manage my back pain. Please don’t stop sending your emails, these exercises are doing me a lot of good!”
Magaly Reyes

Why Yoga for Back Pain?

Because it is gentle.

Because when you stretch the musculature that «binds» the body, it gives your spine room to breathe and move more naturally.

Because as you strengthen key areas such as glutes and abdomen, you will create more support for your back. Because when you calm your mind and use it in the healing process, you will be using it in your favor, rather than against it.

Our yoga style uses knowledge derived from hundreds of years of wisdom, and is further supported by cutting edge knowledge of modern sports and rehabilitative medicine.

Ready to take action?

Som people come to this site looking for information.

Although we do have tons of free infromation for you, including some postures that may give you relief, we are very proud to offer a Holistic Back Pain Program that not only will give you three powerful and balanced sequences to deal with the root of the problem, but also a good amount of techniques to help you do the postures more effectively and with less risk.

If you have chronic pain and you can’t take it anymore… we encourage you to check it out.

It offers a guarantee that not even your doctor would give you.